Listen to me playing a little relaxing piano music (naked) if you like, and see some views of our home and more.

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Here are a few images of where you will be staying..........................

This is the Front Terrace where you will find our gym equipment, an                        Here is the Living Room which is cozy and warm. there is of

ideal setting to exercise, while enjoying the stunning scenery.                                  course wi-fi throughout the property, so even though we are

equipment includes: workout bench, free weights, elliptical.                                     'rural' - we are not cut off from the world.

The Front Terrace

The Living Room

The Autumn Bedroom

The Spring Bedroom

Summer Bedroom

Dining Room

Side Terrace with Hot-Tub, sofas, TV, Library and Massage Area

This is our Sun-Terrace and garden, where you can relax and get some rays for your all-over tan or just relax in peace and splendid silence.